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New House

25th september I moved house its bean nearly a month since i moved house  tiger had to stay with nana while we moved house . he kept using his litter tray and jumping on my mummy and daddy’s bed he never uses his cat flap because he is to lazy and he wants the door to be opened for him.



I scored 4 goals in netball when we were playing against st michael’s  we won 7 6 when we were playing against  caterham  prep we won 4 2 and when we were playing cranleigh we won 6 2 . I have had 3 matches the boys have had 5 some girls have only had 1 match . I am in the A team.


I have only just came back from Lapland.At Lapland I went skiing husky sledging tobogganing  reindeer sledging.I also went to a ice bar in a igloo and i saw father christmas and his elves at his real home I knew he was real because had my letter.

Best family portrait ever

Amélie and elf

Amélie shaking Santa's hand


Beautiful huskies

Amélie and Polly in the ice bar


Amélie and Polly on the toboggan run

photo copy 5

7th birthday

Giving Tiger a cuddle

Today it’s my 7 th birthday and I got a tin, and the game creationary ,glitzi globes a toy unicorn and a toy pony. Also it’s are schools christmas fair and today it was the schools bizarre mufti day